The Interview

Everyone has different reason for getting fit and it is important to understand the relationship between rider and bicycle to understand this vision.   Through this process, I learn this vision and gain an idea of how best to support it. 

Physical Assessment

We are all built differently and it is necessary to understand basic flexibility ranges to ensure that the fit is supportive in the most fundamental ways.  Through a series of stretches and measurements I find the limits of these ranges, providing me an insight into appropriate body positioning. Any injuries or physical limitations that become present are noted, discussed, and protected.

The Fit

Working directly through the Specialized Body Geometry methodology, I fit clients from the bottom, up.  Starting with cleat positioning,  I work to bring the relationship between the pedals and saddle into proper alignment.  Once those positions are brought together, I am able to work out to the stem, handlebars, and brake levers, adjusting them appropriately for maximum comfort, efficiency, and control.

The Follow Up

Just as new bikes settle in and need to be adjusted after some use, so does the body using it.  After a few good rides, it is very important to follow up and discuss and make any necessary adjustments.